Stamp Forgeries

by Gary Little

Note: Scott catalog numbers are used below. Look here for help in converting Scott numbers to PRIFIX numbers.

Numbers 1 and 2

Armoiries (imperforate)

Observations: Beware of clipped versions of the perforate Armoiries stamps of 1865-74, 1874-9, and 1880-1; anachronistic postmarks; and colors that aren't quite right. The 1c, 2c, 12 1/2c, 30c, and 40c have a very special color which is not the same for the following issues, but the difference is hard to detect, especially for the 2c and 40c stamps. If the stamp absorbs water soon after being immersed, it is repaired or of a later issue. In general, genuine stamps can be soaked in water for 24 hours without the design showing through on the reverse side.

Hindenburg overprints

Observations: If the postmark on a used Hindenburg occupation stamp is dated before September 1, 1940, the stamp is clearly a forgery! (The official release date of these stamps was October 1, 1940, but postmarks during the preceding month of September are known.)

Other World War II Occupation

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