Luxembourg Stamps

by Gary Little

October 1, 1940President Paul von Hindenburg - "Luxemburg" Overprint
December 5, 1940Charlotte Definitives and Views - "Rpf" Overprint
January 12, 1941Winter Welfare - "Luxemburg" Overprint

President Paul von Hindenburg

"Luxemburg" Overprint

Date of Issue: October 1, 1940

These stamps were valid for postage until January 1, 1942, after which time only regular stamps of Germany could be used to frank mail from the "district" of Luxembourg.

Charlotte Definitives and Views

"Rpf" Overprint

Date of Issue: December 5, 1940

These pre-war Luxembourg stamps, overprinted to indicate values in German currency, were valid for postage for less than four months -- until April 1, 1941.

Winter Welfare

"Luxemburg" Overprint

Date of Issue: January 12, 1941

The "Luxemburg" overprints were applied to the German semi-postal Winter Welfare stamps of November 5, 1940. The Luxemburg overprints were valid for postage until July 1, 1941.

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