Luxembourg Stamps

by Gary Little

June 24, 1950Wards of the Nation
December 5, 1950Jean-Antoine Zinnen (1827-1898)
October 25, 1951United Europe
December 4, 1951Laurent Menager (1835-1902)
May 24, 1952Luxembourg Postage Stamp Centenary
May 24, 1952Luxembourg Postage Stamp Centenary - Airmail Issue
August 20, 1952Olympic Games and World Cycling Championships
December 3, 1952J.-B. Fresez (1800-1867)
April 1, 1953Prince Jean Wedding
May 18, 1953Radio Luxembourg
May 18, 1953Victor Hugo - 150th Birth Anniversary
September 18, 1953Echternach Basilica
September 25, 1953Pierre d'Aspelt (1250-1320)
December 3, 1953Luxembourg Folklore I
May 6, 1954World Fencing Championships
May 6, 1954Luxembourg Fair
December 3, 1954Luxembourg Folklore II
April 1, 1955Mondorf-les-Bains Flower Festival
September 1, 1955National Handicraft Exposition
September 1, 1955Télé-Luxembourg
October 24, 1955United Nations - 10th Anniversary
December 5, 1955Luxembourg Folklore III

Wards of the Nation

Date of Issue: June 24, 1950

The surtax on these stamps was for the assistance and support of orphaned children, particularly those whose parents were killed during World War II.

Jean-Antoine Zinnen (1827-1898)

Date of Issue: December 5, 1950

Zinnen was a composer and musician who wrote the music for the national hymn "Ons Hémecht". He was musical director of the Luxembourg Academy of Music until it closed in 1881 and was head of the orchestra at the municipal theater. Zinnen was born in Neuerburg on April 25, 1827 and died in Neuilly-sur-Seine on May 16, 1898.

United Europe

Date of Issue: October 25, 1951

These stamps promote the increased cooperation between the countries of Western Europe following World War II, particularly to support rapid reconstruction.

Laurent Menager (1835-1902)

Date of Issue: December 4, 1951

Menager was born on January 10, 1835 in Luxembourg-Pfaffenthal and died on February 7, 1902. He studied for 3 years at the Academy of Music in Cologne, then was named a professor at the Luxembourg Music School. He also taught music and singing at the Athenée and the normal school and directed several choral societies. He was a friend of the poets Dicks and Lentz and collaborated with them on several compositions.

Luxembourg Postage Stamp Centenary

Date of Issue: May 24, 1952

This se-tenant pair commemorates the centenary of the postage stamp in Luxembourg. It sold for 26F, which included entrance to the CENTILUX philatelic exposition held in Luxembourg from May 24 to June 4, 1952.

Luxembourg Postage Stamp Centenary

Airmail Issue

Date of Issue: May 24, 1952

The design of each stamp in this set features the first Luxembourg postage stamp (the 10c Guillaume III issue of 1852) and a non-denominated Charlotte stamp in the style of the 1948-1958 definitive series. The 8F and 10F values were sold together for 38F, which included entrance to the CENTILUX philatelic exposition held in Luxembourg from May 24 to June 4, 1952.

Olympic Games and World Cycling Championships

Date of Issue: August 20, 1952

These stamps commemorate the 15th Olympic Games in Helsinki, Finland and the World Cycling Championships of 1952. The first five stamps were designed by Jean Lucien Nicolas Jacoby (1891-1936), a Luxembourg artist who won gold medals at Strasbourg in 1924 and Amsterdam in 1928 for his Olympic sketches. The last (8F fencing) was designed by his son, René Jacoby.

J.-B. Fresez (1800-1867)

Date of Issue: December 3, 1952

Fresez was born in Longwy on July 10, 1800 and died in Luxembourg on March 31, 1867. He was a noted landscape artist whose subjects were the historical ruins and picturesque sites in the Grand Duchy. His most famous work was an album of 30 drawings of Luxembourg sites published in 1857.

Prince Jean Wedding

Date of Issue: April 1, 1953

Hereditary Grand Duke Jean married Princess Joséphine-Charlotte of Belgium on April 9, 1953. Joséphine-Charlotte was the sister of the late King Baudouin of Belgium and of the present King Albert of Belgium. She died on January 9, 2005.

Radio Luxembourg

Date of Issue: May 18, 1953

Radio Luxembourg was founded in 1930 under the name of Compagnie Luxembourgeoise de Radiodiffusion. Today known as RTL (Radio-Télé-Luxembourg), it operates one of the most popular radio stations in Europe. The transmission towers of RTL, shown on this stamp, are located near Junglinster.

Victor Hugo - 150th Birth Anniversary

Date of Issue: May 18, 1953

The French writer Victor Hugo lived in Vianden for three months in 1871, following his expulsion from France. Here he wrote Quatre-Vingts-Treize and the poem L'Année Terrible. The stamp depicts an ink drawing by Hugo of his house in Vianden. This house is now the Victor Hugo Museum and contains furniture, handwritten letters, documents, old books, and reproductions of some of Hugo's sketches.

Echternach Basilica

Date of Issue: September 18, 1953

These stamps commemorate the consecration of the restored St. Willibrord Basilica at Echternach. It had been destroyed by German troops on Christmas Day, 1944.

Pierre d'Aspelt (1250-1320)

Date of Issue: September 25, 1953

Pierre d'Aspelt was chancellor of the Holy Roman Empire and Archbishop of Mainz. He was known as a great diplomat and he played an influential role in the elections of Henri VII and Jean the Blind of Luxembourg as Emperors of the Holy Roman Empire in 1308 and 1311.

Luxembourg Folklore I

Date of Issue: December 3, 1953

These stamps depict traditional children's activities in Luxembourg -- "La Chandeleur" (Candlemas), "Les Crécelles" (noisemaking), and "Les Oeufs de Pâques" (Easter egg painting).

World Fencing Championships

Date of Issue: May 6, 1954

The World Fencing Championships were held in Luxembourg on June 10-22, 1954.

Luxembourg Fair

Date of Issue: May 6, 1954

The 6th annual Luxembourg Fair was held on July 10-25, 1954.

Luxembourg Folklore II

Date of Issue: December 3, 1954

These stamps depict traditional festivals in Luxembourg -- "Éimaischen", "Hämmelsmarsch", and "Schueberfouer".

The Éimaischen is celebrated by a fair which takes place in Luxembourg on Easter Monday. Popular items sold at this event are small incense burners and earthenware whistles in the shapes of birds.

The Hämmelsmarsch (the sheep march) is a parade of ribboned sheep through the streets of Luxembourg to the sound of lively music and bass drums.

The Schueberfouer, founded in 1340 by Jean the Blind, is a popular fair held in the City of Luxembourg. It begins each year on August 24 (St. Bartholomew's Day) and lasts 15 days. It features popular amusement rides and a carnival.


Mondorf-les-Bains Flower Festival

Date of Issue: April 1, 1955

These stamps show the following flowers -- tulip (80c), narcissus (2F), hyacinthe (3F), and parrot tulip (4F). Each stamp also shows the "Marie-Adélaïde" thermal bath building in Mondorf-les-Bains.


National Handicraft Exposition

Date of Issue: September 1, 1955

The National Handicraft Exposition was held in Limpertsberg on September 3-12, 1955.


Date of Issue: September 1, 1955

This stamp commemorates the installation of the Télé-Luxembourg television broadcasting station at Dudelange.

United Nations - 10th Anniversary

Date of Issue: October 24, 1955

The United Nations is an international organization made up of deliberatory bodies, functional agencies, and temporary and permanent commissions made up of representatives of the member nations. The UN charter was drawn up by 50 countries in San Francisco in the spring of 1945. The official start of the UN was October 24, 1945.

Luxembourg Folklore III

Date of Issue: December 5, 1955

These stamps depict traditional religious events in Luxembourg -- "St. Nicolas" (gift giving at Christmas), "Noël" (Birth of Christ), and "Jour des Rois" (Day of the Magi).

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