Luxembourg Stamps

by Gary Little

April 13, 1963Luxembourg City - Millennium
April 13, 1963European Schools - 10th Anniversary
May 8, 1963International Red Cross - Centenary
June 25, 1963European Convention of Human Rights - 10th Anniversary
September 16, 1963Europa 1963
September 16, 1963World Fly-Fishing Championships
September 16, 1963Telephone Automation
December 2, 1963Emblems of Tradesmen's Groups
April 17, 1964Vianden Hydroelectric Works
May 26, 1964Moselle River Canal System
September 14, 1964Europa 1964 - Flower
September 14, 1964New Atheneum Educational Center
October 12, 1964Benelux - 20th Anniversary
November 11, 1964Accession of Grand Duke Jean
December 7, 1964Luxembourg Scenic Views - Children's Paintings

Luxembourg City


Date of Issue: April 13, 1963

The City of Luxembourg was founded in the year 963 when Count Sigefroid acquired from the St. Maximin Abbey of Trier a small fortified observation tower called "Castellum Lucilinburhuc", located on the rocky outcrop of the Bock. Each stamp in this set represents a building or object from a different century of the millennium:
10th centuryCastle "Lucilinburhuc" on the Bock (963)
11th centuryGate of Three Towers, part of the second wall of the city (1050)
12th centuryBenedictine Abbey of Münster
13th centuryGreat Seal of Luxembourg (1244)
14th centuryTowers on the Rham plateau
15th centuryBlack Virgin in St. Jean's Church, Grund
16th centuryGrand Ducal Palace (the former City Hall) (1573)
17th centuryCitadel of the Holy Ghost
18th centuryCastle Bridge (1736)
19th centuryCity Hall (1838), designed by architect Justin Remont of Liège
20th centuryNew building projects for the millennium -- Municipal Theater, European Community Center, and Grand Duchess Charlotte Bridge (1963)

European Schools

10th Anniversary

Date of Issue: April 13, 1963

The European Schools are located in Luxembourg, Brussels, Varese, Mol, and Karlsruhe.

International Red Cross


Date of Issue: May 8, 1963

Shown on this stamp is the château of Colpach, willed to the Red Cross by the widow of steel magnate Émile Mayrisch in 1946. It has been used as a convalescence home since 1948.

European Convention of Human Rights

10th Anniversary

Date of Issue: June 25, 1963

Europa 1963

Date of Issue: September 16, 1963

World Fly-Fishing Championships

Date of Issue: September 16, 1963

The World Fly-Fishing Championships took place in Wormeldange on September 22, 1963.

Telephone Automation

Date of Issue: September 16, 1963

Emblems of Tradesmen's Groups

Date of Issue: December 2, 1963

These stamps show the emblems and patron saints of various tradesmen's groups in Luxembourg City:
St. Rochpatron of bakers
St. Annepatroness of tailors
St. Eloipatron of blacksmiths
St. Michelpatron of shopkeepers
St. Barthelemypatron of butchers
St. Thibautpatron of the 7 main building trades (masons, carpenters, woodworkers, potters, roofers, glaziers, and lathe operators)

Vianden Hydroelectric Works

Date of Issue: April 17, 1964

This project, begun in 1959, was completed in June 1964. It provides inexpensive power not only to Luxembourg but to the neighboring countries of Belgium, France, and Germany.

Moselle River Canal System

Date of Issue: May 26, 1964

This canal system, allowing commercial ship traffic along the Moselle River to the Rhine, was inaugurated on May 26, 1964 in the presence of Grand Duchess Charlotte, President Charles de Gaulle of France, and Heinrich Lübke of Germany. The principal port is located at Mertert.

Europa 1964


Date of Issue: September 14, 1964

New Atheneum Educational Center

Date of Issue: September 14, 1964


20th Anniversary

Date of Issue: October 12, 1964

This stamp commemorates the 20th anniversary of the Benelux customs union. Pictured on the stamp are Grand Duchess Charlotte of Luxembourg, King Baudouin of Belgium, and Queen Juliana of The Netherlands.

This was a joint issue with Belgium and The Netherlands.

Accession of Grand Duke Jean

Date of Issue: November 11, 1964

Grand Duke Jean (Benoît - Guillaume - Marie - Robert - Louis - Antoine - Adolphe - Marc d'Aviano) assumed the throne on November 12, 1964 when his mother, Grand Duchess Charlotte, abdicated in his favor. He was born on January 5, 1921 in Berg castle.

Pictured on these stamps are Grand Duke Jean and Grand Duchess Joséphine-Charlotte. They were married in 1953 and have five children.

Luxembourg Scenic Views

Children's Paintings

Date of Issue: December 7, 1964

The three paintings on these stamps depict the Gate of Three Towers, Adolphe Bridge, and the Alzette River flowing through the Grund.

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