Luxembourg Stamps

by Gary Little

January 5Grand Duke Jean -- 60th Birthday
March 5Silver Coins
March 5European Hemicycle
March 5National Library
May 4Europa 1981 -- Folklore
May 4Luxembourg Chess Federation -- 50th Anniversary
May 4State Savings Bank -- 125th Anniversary
May 4International Bank in Luxembourg -- 125th Anniversary of Issuing Rights
June 22Wedding of Prince Henri and Maria Teresa Mestre
September 28Aviation
September 28Energy Conservation
December 5Town Arms I (Caritas Issue)

Grand Duke Jean

60th Birthday

Date of Issue: January 5, 1981

Grand Duke Jean was born on January 5, 1921 at Berg Castle. He has been Grand Duke of Luxembourg since November 12, 1964 when his mother, Grand Duchess Charlotte, abdicated in his favor.

Silver Coins

Date of Issue: March 5, 1981

These stamps depict four coins struck under varous sovereigns in the modern period:

European Hemicycle

Date of Issue: March 5, 1981

This building houses the enlarged European Parliament during its meetings in Luxembourg. It has 770 seats as well as translation rooms, 130 offices, a printing works, a television studio, two radio stations, and closed-circuit television network.

National Library

Date of Issue: March 5, 1981

The National Library building was originally the Jesuit College and was built in the early 17th century. In 1816 it became home to the Athénée educational institution, but the National Library moved in in 1970 after the Athénée moved to a modern building in 1964.

Europa 1981


Date of Issue: May 4, 1981

The theme of "folklore" is supported by these two stamps representing the Hämmelsmarsch (sheep's procession), a parade that open's the annual Schueberfouer fair, and the Éimaischen, a popular fair held on Easter Monday unique for the bird whistles (Peckvillercher) which are sold.

Luxembourg Chess Federation

50th Anniversary

Date of Issue: May 4, 1981

The first chess club was founded in Luxembourg in 1915 and the Luxembourg Chess Federation was later formed in 1931. Today the Federation has about 650 members from 25 clubs throughout the country.

State Savings Bank

125th Anniversary

Date of Issue: May 4, 1981

The Luxembourg State Savings Bank was formed on February 21, 1856 with a mandate to encourage saving by working people, thus helping them to escape poverty and dependency on privileged classes.

International Bank in Luxembourg

125th Anniversary of Issuing Rights

Date of Issue: May 4, 1981

The first Luxembourg banknote was issued on September 1, 1856 by the International Bank in Luxembourg. This was authorized by Grand Ducal order of March 8, 1856. It was not until 1914 that the first paper money issued by the government itself appeared.

Wedding of Prince Henri and Maria Teresa Mestre

Date of Issue: June 22, 1981

Crown Prince Henri, heir to the throne, married Maria Teresa Mestre on February 14, 1981. Henri is the eldest son of Grand Duke Jean and Grand Duchess Joséphine-Charlotte and was born on April 16, 1955. Maria Teresa was born in Cuba on March 22, 1956 but grew up in Switzerland after her parents left Cuba during the revolution.


Date of Issue: September 28, 1981

These stamps publicize commercial and recreational aviation in the Grand Duchy. They depict gliders above Useldange (the national gliding center), various pleasure planes, and a Luxair commercial airplane taking off from Findel airport.

Energy Conservation

Date of Issue: September 28, 1981

This stamp promotes energy conservation as a means of ensuring continuing fuel availability at reasonable prices.

Town Arms I (Caritas Issue)

Date of Issue: December 5, 1981

These stamps feature the coats of arms of four local authorities as well as a Nativity scene:

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