Luxembourg Stamps

by Gary Little

February 8Flower Illustrations by P.-J. Redouté
February 8Transportation
March 29JUVALUX 88
June 6Europa 1988 -- Communications
June 6Tourism -- Wiltz and Differdange
June 6League of Luxembourg Student Sports Associations -- 50th Anniversary
September 12Classic Portals
September 12Jean Monnet (1888-1979) -- Birth Centenary
September 12European Investment Bank -- 30th Anniversary
September 12Seoul Olympic Games
December 5Book of Hours III (Caritas Issue)

Flower Illustrations by P.-J. Redouté

Date of Issue: February 8, 1988

These stamps depict four drawings by the famous botanical illustrator Pierre-Joseph Redouté (1759-1840) who was born in Saint-Hubert which, at the time, was part of the Luxembourg territory.


Date of Issue: February 8, 1988

These stamps were issued to promote the importance of commercial transportation. The first publicized the European Conference of Ministers of Transport, chaired by Luxembourg in 1988. The other commemorates the 25th anniversary of the creation of Eurocontrol (European Organization for the Safety of Aerial Navigation) to standardize the training of air traffic control personnel in Europe.


Date of Issue: March 29, 1988

This souvenir sheet, featuring portraits of Crown Prince Henri, Crown Princess Maria Teresa, and their three sons (Princes Guillaume, Félix, and Louis), was issued to promote the 9th International Philatelic Exhibition of Young Philatelists, JUVALUX 88. It was held in the halls of the International Trade Fair in Luxembourg from March 29 to April 4, 1988.

Europa 1988


Date of Issue: June 6, 1988

The Europa theme of "transport and communications" is represented by these two stamps. One represents automated mail sorting which was introduced in Luxembourg in 1988. The other represents electronic communication.


Wiltz and Differdange

Date of Issue: June 6, 1988

The stamps promote tourist attractions in Wiltz and Differdange. The Wiltz stamp shows the Town Hall with the Cross of Justice in the foreground. The Differdange stamp shows the Renaissance style castle built in the middle of the 16th century.

League of Luxembourg Student Sports Associations

50th Anniversary

Date of Issue: June 6, 1988

LASEL, the League of Luxembourg Student Sports Associations, was formed in 1938. Its goal is to organize non-compulsory sporting activities and to develop the sporting spirit among the pupils of post-primary schools and the students in higher and university education. Today, 34 sports associations are part of the League, representing over 13,000 young people.

Classic Portals

Date of Issue: September 12, 1988

The stamps highlight three ancient portals on buildings in Luxembourg:

Jean Monnet (1888-1979)

Birth Centenary

Date of Issue: September 12, 1988

Jean Monnet (1888-1979) dedicated his life to the unification of Europe. Among his many accomplishments, he was chairman of the Preparatory Conference of the Schuman Plan (1950) and of the High Authority of the European Coal and Steel Community (1952-1955). The European Council gave him the title of "Honorary Citizen of Europe" in 1976.

European Investment Bank

30th Anniversary

Date of Issue: September 12, 1988

The European Investment Bank was set up by the Treaty of Rome in 1958 and has its headquarters in Luxembourg. The EIB grants or guarantees loans for investments in the interests of the European Community, mostly in the fields of industry, energy, and infrastructure.

Seoul Olympic Games

Date of Issue: September 12, 1988

This stamp publicizes the 1988 Olympic Games held in Seoul, South Korea.

Book of Hours III (Caritas Issue)

Date of Issue: December 5, 1988

These stamps show paintings from the Book of Hours (a prayer book) in the collection of the Luxembourg National Library. This book was prepared in the mid-15th century in eastern France. The topics shown on these stamps are as follows:

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