Luxembourg Stamps

by Gary Little

April 4, 1965
September 23, 1991
Grand Duke Jean - Definitives (left profile)
April 4, 1965Rotary International - 60th Anniversary
May 17, 1965International Telecommunications Union - Centenary
September 27, 1965Europa 1965 - Branch
December 6, 1965Fairy Tales I
March 7, 1966World Health Organization
March 7, 1966Workers Federation - 50th Anniversary
April 7, 1966Grand Duke Jean -- Definitives (25 c, 1.50 F, 2 F, 3.50 F)
April 28, 1966Our Lady of Luxembourg - Tricentenary
September 26, 1966FISAIC Philatelic Exposition
September 26, 1966Europa 1966 - Sailboat
September 26, 1966Grand Duchess Charlotte Bridge
September 26, 1966Luxembourg European Center
December 6, 1966Fairy Tales II

Grand Duke Jean

Definitives (left profile)

Dates of Issue

April 7, 196625c
April 4, 196550c, 1F
April 7, 19661.50F, 2F
July 1, 19712.50F
April 4, 19653F
April 7, 19663.50F
July 1, 19714F, 5F
April 4, 19656F
July 1, 19837F
July 1, 19718F
December 23, 19759F
January 9, 197510F
December 23, 197512F
January 2, 199114F
February 25, 198216F
March 3, 198618F
December 23, 197520F
September 23, 199122F

Jean has been Grand Duke of Luxembourg since November 12, 1964 when his mother, Grand Duchess Charlotte, abdicated in his favor. He was born on January 5, 1921 in Berg castle.

Rotary International

60th Anniversary

Date of Issue: April 4, 1965

Rotary International is an association of business and professional people founded in 1905 in the United States to sponsor local community projects and fund student exchange programs. It has more than 1 million members in more than 160 countries.

International Telecommunications Union


Date of Issue: May 17, 1965

The International Telecommunications Union, founded in 1865 as the International Telegraph Union, establishes regulations on the international use of radio, satellite, telegraph, and telephone communication services. It is now an agency of the United Nations with headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, and has more than 160 nation members.

Europa 1965 - Branch

Date of Issue: September 27, 1965

Fairy Tales I

Date of Issue: December 6, 1965

These stamps depict scenes from famous Luxembourg fairy tales:
50c + 10cThe Roman Gentleman of Titelberg (Esch-sur-Alzette)
1F + 25cSchäppchen the Hunter (Remich)
2F + 25cThe Sorceror of Koerich (Capellen)
3F + 50cThe Gremlins of Schoenfels (Mersch)
6F + 50cTollchen, Watchman of Hesperange (Luxembourg)
10F + 5.90FThe Old Lady of Heispelt (Rédange-sur-Attert)

World Health Organization

Date of Issue: March 7, 1966

This stamp commemorates the new headquarters building of the World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland. The WHO is an agency of the United Nations, established in 1948, with a mandate to maximize the level of health of the world's peoples. Its worldwide programs include immunization and vaccination, training medical personnel, and establishing health services.

Workers Federation

50th Anniversary

Date of Issue: March 7, 1966

Our Lady of Luxembourg


Date of Issue: April 28, 1966

The Virgin Mary, Consoler of the Afflicted, was proclaimed the Patron Saint of the City of Luxembourg by a "Votum Solemne" on October 10, 1666. These stamps depict the following scenes:
1.50Fthe gold key, decorated with the arms of Luxembourg City, presented to Our Lady in 1667 by the Women's Club of Luxembourg City
2Finterior of the ancient Cathedral of Luxembourg where the "Votum Solemne" was pronounced in 1666
3Fan engraving of Our Lady made in 1682 by Richard Collin
6Fdetail of an interior archway in the Cathedral of Luxembourg, featuring alabaster angel musicians, made by sculptor Daniel Muller in 1621-1622.

FISAIC Philatelic Exposition

Date of Issue: September 26, 1966

These stamps publicize the 5th International Philatelic Exposition organized by the philatelist members of the Luxembourg railroad workers union (F.I.S.A.I.C.), which was held from September 30 to October 3, 1966. The stamps show a diesel locomotive from 1963 (1.50F) and an electric locomotive from 1958 (3F) used by the Luxembourg Railroad Company (CFL).

Europa 1966


Date of Issue: September 26, 1966

Grand Duchess Charlotte Bridge

Date of Issue: September 26, 1966

This stamp shows the bright red Grand Duchess Charlotte Bridge which connects the center of Luxembourg City with the airport and European Center on the Kirchberg plateau. The bridge is 85 m above the town of Pfaffenthal below and is 355 m long. It was opened to traffic on October 24, 1966.

Luxembourg European Center

Date of Issue: September 26, 1966

These stamps promote the emergence of Luxembourg as the home of several important pan-European organizations. The 22-storey European Center tower is shown on the 1.50F stamp and it contains administrative offices for member states of the European Community. The 13F stamp shows the Robert Schuman Monument honoring the visionary whose declaration of May 9, 1950 resulted in the formation of the European Coal and Steel Community and, indirectly, of other organizations promoting European solidarity.

Fairy Tales II

Date of Issue: December 6, 1966

These stamps depict scenes from famous Luxembourg fairy tales:
50c + 10cThe Wife in the Veil (Grevenmacher)
1.50F + 25cJacquot, Protector of Wark (Diekirch)
2F + 25cThe Dark Man of Vianden (Vianden)
3F + 50cThe Fairy of Rosport Rock (Echternach)
6F + 1FThe Good Wolf of Donkolz (Wiltz)
13F + 6.90FThe Three Philandering Maidens (Troisvierges)

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