Luxembourg Stamps

by Gary Little

January 9Grand Duke Jean -- Definitive (10 F)
March 10European Architectural Heritage Year
April 28Europa 1975 -- Paintings
April 28Paintings
April 28Dr. Albert Schweitzer (1875-1965) -- Birth Centenary
April 28Robert Schuman Declaration -- 25th Anniversary
September 8Civil Defense Organization
September 8Sports
December 5Protected Plants I (Charity Issue)
December 23Grand Duke Jean -- Definitives (9 F, 12 F, 20 F)

European Architectural Heritage Year

Date of Issue: March 10, 1975

The Council of Europe proclaimed 1975 to be European Architectural Heritage Year to highlight the need to preserve and protect buildings of important historical value.

These stamps depict four areas which Luxembourg intends to preserve and restore:

Europa 1975


Date of Issue: April 28, 1975

These stamps show "Moselle Bridge at Remich" by Nico Klopp (1894-1930) and "Still Life" by Joseph Kutter (1894-1941).


Date of Issue: April 28, 1975

These stamps show a self-portrait of Joseph Kutter (1894-1941) and "Dam" by Dominique Lang (1974-1919).

Dr. Albert Schweitzer (1875-1965)

Birth Centenary

Date of Issue: April 28, 1975

Dr. Albert Schweitzer was a pastor, theologian, doctor, philosopher, writer, teacher, musician, and holder of the Nobel Peace Prize. He was born in Alsace in 1875 and died in Gabon in 1965 after dedicating more than half his life to the sick in his hospital in Gabon.

Robert Schuman Declaration

25th Anniversary

Date of Issue: April 28, 1975

The Schuman Declaration of May 9, 1950 proposed the pooling of French and German coal and steel resources, but it was, in effect, a charter for European unification. Schuman's initiative resulted in the creation of the European Coal and Steel Community and ultimately, in 1957, to the creation of the European Economic Community and the European Atomic Energy Community. Schuman was born in Luxembourg in 1886 and he died in France in 1963.

This stamp depicts two other individuals who continued Schuman's work and made major contributions to European unification -- Gaetano Martino of Italy and Paul-Henri Spaak of Belgium. Both played key roles in the negotiation of the Treaties of Rome of 1957 which established the EEC and the EAEC.

Civil Defense Organization

Date of Issue: September 8, 1975

The goal of the Civil Defense Organization is to protect and rescue the population and to safeguard the national heritage and property in the event of natural disasters or armed conflict.


Date of Issue: September 8, 1975

These stamps depict three individual sports that are relatively new to Luxembourg -- ice skating, water skiing, and mountain climbing.

Protected Plants I (Charity Issue)

Date of Issue: December 5, 1975

These stamps depict plants that are protected by Luxembourg law in order that they may better survive as the country continues to industrialize:

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