Luxembourg Stamps

by Gary Little

February 25Grand Duke Jean -- Definitive (16 F)
February 25Landscapes in the Four Seasons
February 25National Monument of the Resistance and Deportation
May 4Europa 1982 -- Treaties
May 4St. Theresa of Avila and Raoul Follereau
May 4Buildings -- State Museum and Synagogue
September 9Castle Restoration -- Bourscheid and Vianden
September 9International Youth Hostel Federation -- 50th Anniversary
September 9Worldwide Scouting -- 75th Anniversary
September 9Monument of Civilian and Military Deportation
December 6Town Arms II (Caritas Issue)

Landscapes in the Four Seasons

Date of Issue: February 25, 1982

These stamps depict landscapes by Luxembourg artists showing scenes in each of the four seasons:

National Monument of the Resistance and Deportation

Date of Issue: February 25, 1982

The Luxembourg resistance was organized soon after the Nazi occupation on May 10, 1940. Its repression was brutal and terrible -- thousands of patriots were arrested, imprisoned, deported, or thrown into concentration camps. More than 1,600 Luxembourgers passed through the Hinzert deportation camp and many died there. Shortly after the war, the remains of those who died there were returned to Luxembourg for burial in the Notre-Dame cemetery. A special cross was erected made from the boards of the huts of the Hinzert camp. On May 10, 1969, the Deportation Monument, a statue of the "Political Prisoner" by Luxembourg sculptor Lucien Wercollier, was placed near the cross.

Europa 1982


Date of Issue: May 4, 1982

The Europa theme of "historical events" is supported by these two stamps. The first shows the seals and signatures of the Treaty of London of 1867. By this treaty the European powers declared that Luxembourg should be a perpetually neutral state and that the fortress be dismantled forthwith. The second stamp shows the signature page of the Tready of Paris of 1952. This treaty formed the basis of the European Coal and Steel Community headquartered in Luxembourg.

St. Theresa of Avila and Raoul Follereau

Date of Issue: May 4, 1982

St. Theresa of Avila was born in 1515 and entered the Carmel of the Incarnation monastery at Luxembourg Cents at the age of 21. She ultimately established several other Carmels, mostly in her native Spain. Theresa was also a great writer and communicated clearly to her students. She was canonized by Pope Gregory XV in 1622 and in 1970 Pope Paul VI proclaimed her a doctor of the church.

Raoul Follereau (1903-1977) dedicated his life to the fight against leprosy and other human suffering.


State Museum and Synagogue

Date of Issue: May 4, 1982

The State Museum is located in the heart of the old city of Luxembourg. It holds thousands of historical items -- archaeological findings, ancient coins and medals, industrial art, and paintings and sculptures. It was awarded the European Museum Prize of 1980.

The Synagogue was opened in 1953 and is situated on Avenue Monterey in the park. It replaces the original synagogue built in 1894 which was destroyed by the Nazis during World War II.

Castle Restoration

Bourscheid and Vianden

Date of Issue: September 9, 1982

Bourscheid and Vianden are perhaps the two most imposing castles in Luxembourg and both have undergone significant restoration in recent years. The Bourscheid castle dates from the 10th century and occupies a spectacular position high above the Sûre River below. The ancient Vianden castle, the most popular tourist attraction outside of Luxembourg City, is now almost completely restored and its Gothic halls often host important cultural events.

[Bourscheid castle maximum card]
[Vianden castle maximum card]

International Youth Hostel Federation

50th Anniversary

Date of Issue: September 9, 1982

The International Youth Hostel Federation was formed in 1932 by 11 national associations. Today, youth hostels provide 30 million nights in 5,000 buildings in 66 countries around the world.

Worldwide Scouting

75th Anniversary

Date of Issue: September 9, 1982

The Scouting movement was founded by Robert Baden Powell in 1907 in London. Today scouting exists in 150 countries and territories and has about 26 million members. In 1982, Luxembourg had about 7,000 scouts.

Monument of Civilian and Military Deportation

Date of Issue: September 9, 1982

On August 30, 1942, the Nazis imposed conscription into the Germany army of Luxembourg men born between 1920 and 1924. Despite widespread protests and strikes, which were quashed by firing squads, civilian deportees and forced conscripts started leaving Luxembourg via the Hollerich station in September and October 1942. Of the 15,000 people affected, about 3,500 died or disappeared. The monument, shown on the stamp, was placed in front of Hollerich station on October 5, 1975.

Town Arms II (Caritas Issue)

Date of Issue: December 6, 1982

These stamps feature the coats of arms of four local authorities as well as a Nativity scene:

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