Luxembourg Stamps

by Gary Little

March 3Grand Duke Jean -- Definitive (18 F)
March 3Portrait Medallions II
March 3Mondorf-les-Bains State Spa -- Centenary
March 3Federation of Luxembourg Beekeeping Associations -- Centenary
March 3Luxembourg Table Tennis Association -- 50th Anniversary
May 5Europa 1986 -- Nature Conservation
May 5Luxembourg Fortress
June 26Robert Schuman (1886-1963) -- Birth Centenary
September 15Countess Ermesinde (1186-1247) -- 800th Anniversary of Birth
September 15European Year of Road Safety
September 15Tourism -- Esch-sur-Alzette and Grevenmacher
December 8Book of Hours I (Caritas Issue)

Portrait Medallions II

Date of Issue: March 3, 1986

These stamps depict ancient medals kept in the Medical Cabinet of the State Museum in Luxembourg:

Mondorf-les-Bains State Spa


Date of Issue: March 3, 1986

The first spa at Mondorf opened in 1847 but the 1870 Franco-German war resulted in great loss of business. The State purchased the spa in 1886, expanded it, and promoted it successfully.

Federation of Luxembourg Beekeeping Associations


Date of Issue: March 3, 1986

The Beekeeping Federation was formed in 1886 with the goal of promoting beekeeping, protecting home-made produce, and safeguarding the interests of its members. Today there are approximately 900 members who manage 13,500 hives.

Luxembourg Table Tennis Federation

50th Anniversary

Date of Issue: March 3, 1986

The Luxembourg Table Tennis Federation was founded in 1936 by six clubs from around the country.

Europa 1986

Nature Conservation

Date of Issue: May 5, 1986

The Europa theme of "protection of nature and the environment" is represented by these two stamps.

Luxembourg Fortress

Date of Issue: May 5, 1986

These stamps depict three buildings remaining from the old Luxembourg fortress:

Robert Schuman (1886-1963)

Birth Centenary

Date of Issue: June 26, 1986

These stamps honor the centenary of birth of Robert Schuman, the eminent French politician born in Luxembourg in 1886 and gone down in history as the "father of Europe". These stamps were issued in a booklet showing part of the European Center in Luxembourg.

Countess Ermesinde (1186-1247)

800th Anniversary of Birth

Date of Issue: September 15, 1986

Ermesinde was the daughter of Henri IV (the blind) and was born in 1186. She took over government duties in 1225 and proved to be an effective leader as she improved the political and social condition of her subjects. She granted charters or letters of freedom to several towns including Echternach (1236) and Luxembourg (1244). She died in 1247 after skillfully expanding the county of Luxembourg to three times its original size.

European Road Safety Year

Date of Issue: September 15, 1986

This stamp publicize European Road Safety Year and its focus on five road safety programs to address speeding, drinking and driving, use of seat belts, motorcycle safety, and the safety of children.


Esch-sur-Alzette and Grevenmacher

Date of Issue: September 15, 1986

Esch-sur-Alzette was first settled in Celtic times and the first document mentioning it dates from 773. Today it is a center of the iron and steel industry. The stamp shows a relief from the facade of the Town Hall.

Grevenmacher is located on the Moselle River and is a business center of the wine industry. Since the canalization of the Moselle in 1965, it has had access to Belgian and Dutch seaports, thus enhancing its stature as a commercial center.

Book of Hours I (Caritas Issue)

Date of Issue: December 8, 1986

These stamps show paintings from the Book of Hours (a prayer book) in the collection of the Luxembourg National Library. This book was prepared in the mid-15th century in eastern France. The topics shown on these stamps are as follows:

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